Our products also act as a Health Status Legacy for families. Genetics and familial traits appear in family members and in subsequent generations.  Knowing about culture, family history, and health biography helps prevent illnesses and health problems for oneself and for future generations within a family.

A genogram is a diagram display of a family’s relationships and medical history.  It outlines the history of a family's behavior patterns over several generations in areas such as marriage, divorce, diseases, fitness, alcohol consumption, miscarriages, deaths, suicide and so on. The genogram enables the viewer to visualize hereditary patterns and psychological factors pertinent to relationships among family members.

Genograms are health histories that can be developed like a 'family tree'. HiGS does this.  It collects personal and family health biography and historical information for the user to have, share and control…and to pass down.  HiGS Health Biography contains a wealth of valuable information when provided to family members as a legacy and resource.