The HiGS product suite is the first and the only Consumer-Authenticated Information System (CAIS) for Health Biography. HiGS tells the story.

People do not easily know what to change.  Knowledge of one’s health behaviors, habits, lifestyle, and risks provide the first step to know what to change.  HiGS Health Biography helps this to happen.

A Health Biography is a life story.  Everyone knows their own story but explaining it and understanding what it means can be difficult.  Everyone can tell their story with HiGS and gain clarity about what their story may mean for their illness or wellness. 

HiGS Health Biography is the Comprehensive Story that facilitates PRIMARY Prevention and all other types of prevention. It is the collection of self-test results (within the components of the HiGS) relevant to the consumer. It is the data gathered by the consumer that include up to 60 e-Histories, 180+ Health Risk Assessments (HRAs), Signs & Symptoms and other health and fitness tracking, device information and more to yield ‘the story’. Because the story is gathered by the person who knows their story, it is authentic; whereas most e-health records (EHRs) consist of second hand information that is third party collected while frequently altered and rarely, if ever, authenticated by the patient/consumer.

Learn more about the HiGS fact-finding engines, third-party integration features, and educational library.

HiGS Health Biography is as comprehensive as the consumer wants and needs it to be. The user decides what goes into it, who sees it, and what parts are shared.  The Inner Reach HiGS wraps together health psychology, software technology, all types of prevention, and internet communication. HiGS Health Biography facilitates a pro-active stance; not a reactive stance.