What is HiGS?

HiGS is the patented Health Information Gathering System by the Inner Reach Corporation. HiGS contains a number of fact-finding engines that assist in the gathering of a health consumer's signs, symptoms, and situations to generate a comprehensive Health Biography. A HiGS user's Health Biography can be used to greatly enhance the understanding of their health, and assist their healthcare providers.

HiGS is also an educational tool, containing hundreds of videos and articles about health, diseases, lifestyle habits.

Who is it for?


  • Insurers
  • Companies
  • Warriors and Veterans
  • Concierge Medicine
  • and most of all, for Consumers
Key Features

  • E-Health Histories60
  • Health Risk Assessments180+
  • Signs & Symptoms1550+

Learn more about the HiGS fact-finding engines, third-party integration features, and educational library.

HiGS Works Where You Need It To

Today's society is a society on the go. We use technology anywhere and everywhere, from looking up a restaurant to ordering a book. What about for our health information? Trying to gain access to your own health information from a phone can be a tedious task.

HiGS 5 fixes that by changing how it looks depending on the device you are using. Whether you are using HiGS on a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop, HiGS is available to you.