What’s Missing in Healthcare Data? Data that is Generated, Authenticated, Updated and Distributed Solely by the Patient.

With the Inner Reach HiGS data, nobody else captures or touches patient data. Why? The patient creates, updates, and keeps their own health story collection and monitoring, then authorizes where it goes. HiGS data integrity will be enormously valuable to any entity dealing with medical/health records and care delivery.

HiGS data is data nobody else has. Why?  Because it is not produced by healthcare entities; it is collected solely by the patient about the patient. HiGS data is pure, accurate, and not altered, providing a centralized place for the patient within healthcare.  HiGS gathers the patients’ health stories including Western medical methods, other medical methods used around the world, historical and current issues, self-care, and all 4 types of preventive care – primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary.

Consumer-driven healthcare starts with the patient’s story…for preventive self-care and for creating a self-actualized place within the healthcare system.  Consumer-driven healthcare starts with HiGS…and the consumer. 

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