HiGS Has Integtrated Fitness Trackers

by Jerry Byrnes | HiGS


The wearable fitness tracker market reports over 70 million units in 2014, with 2015 expected to see the sales of over 68 million. Fitbit, alone, has 20 million registered users. 

One of the ways to keep interest in both the device and its purpose is to download and track the daily information. Many devices have their own proprietary software/website for this purpose. 

But that is where the data stays. It is one of the main reasons that people lose interest in the device. There are premium upgrades on the websites…but that costs more money. 

One of the ways to enhance the value of the device and your exercise record is to have it available when you visit your medical or training professional. HiGS (the Health Information Gathering System) provides you that opportunity. By linking your HiGS account to your FitBit information, you can make you exercise, calorie and sleep information part of you HiGS data. From there, it can be printed along with your personal health biography and health risk assessments to share with your medical professional. 

No other wellness system can do this. In order to do this on the FitBit site, you have to pay for the premium package. 

Just another reason to consider making HiGS your health biography and history system.


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