Our Mission: Your Health

by Jerry Byrnes | HiGS


In recent years, our nation has deployed more warriors in more combat regions than we have in a generation. We have placed them in dangerous situations where they performed admirably under horrific conditions. Our warriors returned home as veterans, some with mental and physical health issues they received in duty for their country. Our treatment of their issues as a country has been less than admirable.

The news of 2014 has been filled with scandal regarding the care of our warriors and veterans.  Many of the issues are not new and have been brewing for years if not decades, only now reaching the greater public.

Even with their best efforts, the physicians, nurses, and staff of our hospitals designed to treat our warriors and veterans find themselves failing those who serve. They are facing aging hospitals, healthcare management systems that were designed before many of our veterans were born, outdated policies, poor communication, lack of staff, lack of funding, and in some cases lack of treatment.

Inner Reach believes that we, as a company and citizens of this country, can and should do better.

With this belief in mind, we have devoted a significant amount of time, energy, and resources ensuring that HiGS, our flagship Health Information Gathering System, can assist our veterans.

HiGS contains nearly two dozen Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) focused solely on our warriors and veterans. Each HRA focuses on a particular topic, asking probing questions to assist in determining the user’s risk of having a particular issue, disease, or condition. Our HRAs for warriors and veterans cover a wide range of topics from physical traumas such as blast injuries, environmental issues such as embedded IED toxic fragments, to emotional issues such as night terrors.

Our Signs & Symptoms Tracker can also be used by warriors and veterans in tracking their daily signs and situations, from the emotional to the physical, providing useful feedback on their progress.

With HiGS, Inner Reach has created a system that is not only easy to use, but also contains a wide range of fact-finding topics useful to anyone looking to improve their health and quality of life. Designed to be used anywhere there is an internet connection and on any device with a modern web browser, our users have global access to their Health Biography that they have built with HiGS.


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