HiGS 5 to be released in August

by Jerry Byrnes | HiGS


Inner Reach has been offering its innovative Health Biography and Education program called HiGS. In August, 2014, Inner Reach will be releasing the latest update, HiGS 5. Sporting an updated look, modern graphics and smoother interfaces with the various modules, HiGS 5 includes over 60 e-Health Histories, 180 plus Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and 120 health educational videos. HiGS 5 maintains the binary input for which it is famous (yes/no; check a box).

The new release also includes various calendars for recording specific personal information on exercise, weight management and smoking cessation activities. Additionally, HiGS 5 will incorporate third party solid interfaces to FitBit™, iHealth® and Withings devices products.

Unlike other companies that provide Wellness websites, HiGS has, by far, the most areas for personal health history, health risk assessments and signs and symptoms collection and the only consumer-authenticated Health Biography. Many wellness systems offer a handful of HRAs, mostly weight management, smoking, diabetes, exercise and other common areas. The HiGS HRA library of protocols covers the common as well as the unique. It is the most comprehensive offering available anywhere.

The system allows individuals to create, maintain, and retrieve their own Health Biography. The individual can examine their own Signs and Symptoms to track health and wellness as well as potential side effects when starting new medications. If users so desire they can share their information with health care providers either electronically or in a paper or .pdf format.

HiGS is also secure and protected with up to date security techniques and software. Your personal information is secure, meeting industry standards.

Upon release, please contact Gerald Byrnes at inquiries@innerreach.com for further information and to request a demonstration to test drive HiGS 5.


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