With personal careers committed to technology and to health and its caring, a company called Inner Reach took shape over two decades ago. Our direction then was the same as now, to provide consumers their own place with more control within the mechanized process of healthcare and its technology.

The difficulty has been that people do not know what they need to know since most aren’t medical professionals trained in health, medicine, and its related sciences. The idea that a person with little knowledge about health and medicine could more efficiently and effectively capture his or her own health situations, patterns, and baselines through a unique collection of histories and symptoms is today more beneficial than ever.

Captured personal relevant information can help understanding by providing clues and discoveries that enable changes for a longer health span and life. Gained self knowledge and having this information readily available provides consumers with a means for staying healthy, knowing baselines, and getting better diagnoses and customized care when needing it, while keeping costs down. When shared, gathered information by HiGS facilitates time sensitive communication between the HiGS user and physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals toward increasing the likelihood of the highest quality of care possible and an effective quality process.

Designed to redefine health delivery by placing the consumer in the center of the health process, utilizing e-health Internet Web-based technology, HiGS, our unique Health Information Gathering System preventive care technology was born. By involving consumer in their own health process through this system, designed just for them, Inner Reach prepares HiGS users with health knowledge specific to them with the purpose of focusing on prevention and health preservation. Now the most important part of healthcare and its delivery—the consumer--­has a pivotal and self-actualized part in the healthcare processes.

Like an inheritance, as valuable as Grandma’s wealth or Grandpa’s stocks and bonds, HiGS gathered information can be utilized and passed down through family members, insuring more comprehensive care for prevention and early detection with sound interventions when illness strikes. Industry experts have described HiGS as an "elephant...smart and massive".  HiGS captures personalized health for consumers’ own benefit now, in the future, and for the next generations. Imagine how together we could change how health is achieved and delivered.