Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder— Constance Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., R.N.

Dr. Constance Fitzpatrick
Constance Fitzpatrick,
Ph.D., R.N.
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Dr. Fitzpatrick is a health psychologist, a registered nurse, and the founder and CEO of Inner Reach® (1998-present). She is the innovator of the collection of protocols and the patented Health Information Gathering System— HiGS.

Dr. Fitzpatrick holds a Diploma in Nursing, a Master of Education degree with a focus in Counseling Psychology, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Health Psychology. Her areas of proficiency include health psychology, medical-surgical nursing, adult development, and ancient ways of healing.

Her areas of substantive knowledge include: Native American Indian ways of healing; herbal medicine, particularly Chinese herbs and Fengji; Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, therapies and modalities; counseling psychology, alcoholic family systems, anxiety disorders; group therapy, women’s issues, and multiculturalism and diversity.

Researching past and current studies and trends, she is the author of numerous articles and tutorials on physical and mental health issues, environmental and occupational health, nutrition and diet therapy, Chinese herbs, military and veteran health and stressors, health psychology, health preservation, preventive self-care, disease delay, disease management, and the prevention of disease progression.

Previous 19 years experience included: private practice in counseling psychology in New England for 12 years; instructor of clinical nursing/pharmacology, serving on Board of Admissions in Hospital School of Nursing in Michigan for 1 year; supervisor of nurses, head nurse, parentral therapist overseeing all departments, in Boston area hospitals for 6 years.

President, Chief Financial Officer, Director-- Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson
President, Chief Financial Officer, Director

Jack Wilson served as the treasurer of an Oklahoma real estate development and investment company for 20 years, managing numerous multi-million dollar land development and property deals, sales to the private sector, and the government. He provided cash management and investing in all types of financial securities, directed the accounting staff, enhanced the business structure by streamlining accounting functions, managed facilities, and interfaced with the staff of 5 in-house attorneys reviewing contracts and other general business.

While employed by the Internal Revenue Service for 7 years, Jack Wilson audited individuals and corporations, including several medical based facilities. In private practice, he enabled businesses to cut costs by streamlining various financial components. A Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Wilson has broad and deep knowledge of accounting, taxes, general business practices, assets, liabilities, contract law, and investments. At Inner Reach, Mr. Wilson brings his diligence to merge product integrity, service of excellence, and the insuring of high revenues through lower than standard overhead and operational costs, maximizing profits.

Chief Business Development Officer, Director--Gerald "Jerry" L. Byrnes

Gerald L. Byrnes
Gerald "Jerry" L. Byrnes
Chief Business Development Officer

Gerald L. Byrnes, Chief Business Development Officer and Executive Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Inner Reach is a Marketing and Business Development executive, specializing in introducing key technologies and creating new business opportunities and strategic alliances in Commercial and Government venues.

With particular proficiencies in Funding, Legislative and Policy Issues as well as Extensive Capitol Hill experience, Mr. Byrnes’ areas of substantive knowledge include: New Business Development, Product Management and Marketing Communications, Business Plan Development, Access Control and Security Systems, Biometrics, Secure Identification Systems, Engineering Technology, and Press Relations.

During the past 35 years, he has worked for leading technology industry companies holding upper management positions at Fujitsu (computer technology and technology security), Curtiss-Wright (products and services for commercial aerospace, power generation, general industry, and defense), as well as for federal and state agencies including the Departments of Defense (DOD), State and Justice, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG).

Mr. Byrnes introduced the use of facial recognition biometrics into the various states for use in drivers’ licenses in 1991 and the DOD in 1994 while at Viisage Technology/Lau (developer of biometric identification systems; facial identification biometrics). He was singularly responsible for moving facial recognition technology from the drawing board to the main stream in the US. He also has extensive experience in TeleMedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring Systems.

Mr. Byrnes is a former Naval Officer, holding a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Engineering with a Major in Economics from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD., and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialty in Marketing and Market Research from Clark University in Worcester, MA.

Chief Software Architect, Co-Founder, Director-- Mark Fitzpatrick

Mark Fitzpatrick
Mark Fitzpatrick
Chief Software Architect, Co-Founder, Director

Co-inventor of the patented Health Information Gathering System-HiGS, Mark Fitzpatrick is the architect of the Inner Reach HiGS and the developer of the Inner Reach web sites. As CSA, he has devoted 12 years to the creation of HiGS and its e-health technology.

Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Sciences (1998), Mr. Fitzpatrick has been developing web sites and applications for 17 years. He has consulted to computer industry trade organizations including the Fibre Channel Loop Community (FCLC) and the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA). He was the web site designer and web master (FCLC 5 years; FCIA 1 year), as well as the trade show support-team organizer for 6 years (1995 to 2001). For six years, he worked in this position at three trade shows annually - COMDEX, National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), and INTEROP in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Fitzpatrick has designed systems and databases for many companies using Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.Net, and Visual Studio. His expertise in various software products, technologies, and languages include: C#; SQL; ASP.Net Webforms, ASP.Net MVC, the Net Framework; HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap Framework, XML, Microsoft SQL Server; Visual Studio; JavaScript; jQuery; Telerik Components; Component One, Syncfusion. Also used C, FORTRAN, COBOL, Pascal, Adobe Dreamweaver, Corel, Infragistics, Visual Basic.

Mark Fitzpatrick was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP 1997-2008). He is a contributing author or technical editor of standard texts about Microsoft software, FrontPage, and IIS Administration. Those texts include Special Edition Using FrontPage 2002 (Que Publishing, 2001), Special Edition Using FrontPage 2000 (Que Publishing, 1999), Teach Yourself FrontPage 2000 in 21 Days (Sams Publishing, 1999), IIS Administration (a book about Microsoft’s Internet Information Services; New Riders Press, 2000), and a Microsoft white paper on Microsoft FrontPage 2003 (Microsoft Corporation, 2003).

Certificates: Software Security Foundations Certificate, Stanford University (2011). Microsoft Certified Professional (2014). Microsoft Specialist: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist (2014).

Inner Reach, Director-- Michael E. Fitzpatrick

Michael E. Fitzpatrick
Michael E. Fitzpatrick
Inner Reach , Director

Considered a visionary bringing Fibre Channel technology to the marketplace, Mike Fitzpatrick is an electrical engineer and computer marketing professional with over 40 years experience in systems, strategic engineering, storage architecture, product development, and marketing.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering, Mr. Fitzpatrick has served on some boards and many committees for 35 years that set the standards for technologies world-wide such as ANSI SCSI-T10, Fibrechannel-T11, RAID Advisory Board, Optical, IDEMA, Trusted Computing Group, SCSI Trade Association and Storage Performance Council. Currently he serves on the following standards working groups: INSIGHTS T10 SCSI, SNIA, SSSI (Solid State Storage Initiative), SNIA MVMP (Non Volatile Memory Programming Working Group), NVMe Technical Working Group, and NVMe Management Interface Working Group.

In 1995, he created and founded the Fibre Channel Loop Community, in which he strategically focused and switched the worldwide market away from a competing technology [IBM’s Serial Storage Architecture (SSA)] to Fibre Channel. One of Mike Fitzpatrick’s most meaningful contributions to the industry was marketing Fibre Channel to the world making it into its 9 Billion dollar annual business by 2003 (currently 7 Billion dollar market size).

He served for four years as the chairman of the board of the Fibre Channel Community and the fifth year as chairman of the Fibre Channel Industry Association. Mr. Fitzpatrick built the Fibre Channel group to 150 member companies, including Fujitsu, IBM, Seagate, Hewlett Packard, Brocade, Western Digital, QLogic, Emulex, Sun Microsystems, Unisys, and Intel.

Michael Fitzpatrick is currently an Engineering Fellow at Toshiba America. Previously he was the Senior Research Executive at Fujitsu Computer Products of America in San Jose CA for 12 years. Prior to that, he spent 8 years at Seagate Technology, Oklahoma City, OK as a Manager of Planning and Analysis and 13 years at Prime Computer, Natick MA as In-house Technical Consultant to Senior Management and the liaison with the storage industry.

Early in his career, he was a medical laboratory technician and spent 8 years developing computerized medical instrumentation and hospital information systems, history, medical history taking, and multiphasic screening for Beck & Dickinson Medical Systems, Sharon, MA and Searle Medidata (a subsidiary of G.D. Searle) Lexington, MA. He served in the US Navy for 4 years as a Medic and laboratory technician while stationed in the Florida Keys (including during the Cuban Missile Crisis).

Director -- Benjamin R. H. Davis, Ph.D., Retired Board Member

Benjamin R. H. Davis, Ph.D
Benjamin R. H. Davis, Ph.D
Director, Retired Board Member

Dr. Ben Davis, served on the Inner Reach Board of Directors for 12 years (1998-2010). During that time, he endeavored to help frame and implement the highest policy and decision-making processes to ensure that the management, through its various planning, efficiently executed the mission and objectives of Inner Reach. Dr. Davis was instrumental in establishing the organizational development, policies, and principles followed by the Company, which are continued today. Inner Reach is grateful for his outstanding dedication and service.

Dr. Ben Davis, an adult learning specialist and a scholar and practitioner in the use of the Internet and other distance learning technologies, with over 40 years in the field, has focused on leadership development in both formal and informal educational settings. As Professor Emeritus with the Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio, a former Dean of the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, he also served as chairman of the board of North Central University, an Arizona online university. Dr. Ben Davis’ areas of substantive knowledge include administration and organizational development, higher education, adult learning, integral health and computer science and technology.

He is currently a fellow of the Wildflowers Institute, a San Francisco organization devoted to socially sustainable community development in the US and China. He assisted the American Association of Traditional Oriental Medicine in achieving recognition as the accrediting body for US schools of acupuncture. For twelve years, he continued his interests in health delivery systems with Inner Reach HiGS until his retirement in 2010 when he felt it was time to take life easier, spend more time cooking elegant delicious meals, and enjoying jazz and family.