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Our Health Information Gathering System HiGS IS

E-Health Histories
Health Risk Assessments
Signs & Symptoms
Educational Videos

E-Health Histories

Our Health Histories help you gather information from a wide range of health-related experiences including past work experiences, your family and heritage.

Health Risk Assessments

Our Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) assist you in determining your risk for particular issues and enabling you to track any changes in that risk over time.

Signs & Symptoms

With our Signs & Symptoms Tracker you can monitor your daily issues through 9 inter-related body systems, giving you better insight into how the various systems of your body interact and cause issues in unexpected ways.

Learning Library

Our Learning Library contains over 120 videos and more than 240 articles designed to educate you on diseases, health issues, and possible lifestyle changes that can be used to improve your health and help you enjoy your life.

Recent Blog Updates


A Thought About Our Warriors and Veterans

Every Spring, I work in the local county VA assistance office. I set up appointments, do filing, and submit paperwork and other clerical work. One of the fascinating parts of my task is meeting and talking to Veterans and their family members as they wait to see the county Veteran Service Officers. It is a fun and rewarding time. It is also a bit disconcerting as I watch people in need of help stymied by their medical history and lack of paperwork.

By Jerry Byrnes, in Warriors and Veterans,

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Sample list from our Video Library

With more than 120 educational videos in the HiGS video library, we have something for everyone.