The miniHiGS is a Subset for Licensing of Specific protocols for Targeted Application from Our Health Information Gathering System – HiGS

Differentiating Health Technology Markets with HiGS Preventive Care Technology through history gathering for identifying risk. miniHiGS is a lite version of the HiGS which allows one or more specific HiGS Histories or Assessments to be used on a limited basis by a user prior to a targeted procedure or application. The miniHiGS does two main things: 1) it collects, stores, and retrieves data from a specific selected protocol(s) prior to a procedure. 2) it provides a results report called a Targeted Health Biography  Report (THBR).

The Inner Reach Light Version of HiGS, called the miniHiGS

The Inner Reach miniHiGS offered to individuals by a third party through a licensing agreement with Inner Reach, enables the user to take a specific HiGS History or Assessment prior to a procedure, resulting in a Targeted Health History Report (THHR).  The THHR results report can be read quickly at the start of various procedures and interventions to help figure out next steps and points of focus.  Technicians, radiologists, and other health professionals can have more information available prior to performing a procedure enabling a better chance at identifying risk for disease.

Everything is affected by histories, including blood testing, imaging, procedures, diagnosing, proper interventions, and health preservation.  We need histories to figure out what is going on.  To obtain adequate histories we need the input of the individual.  Without their accurately communicated story, all care falls short.  When we have correct information prior to procedures, we can know more, save time, and cost, while minimizing repetition.

A targeted accurate history about a particular health area prior to having a procedure such as imaging is needed to identify risk, make diagnoses, and save time, suffering, and money. Time constraints reduce opportunities for accurate and more comprehensive historical data to be collected by technicians, radiologists and healthcare professionals prior to procedures. Their time costs money.  miniHiGS meets these needs.


Companies, institutions, and governments that purchase a licensing agreement from Inner Reach for a miniHiGS targeted health area can select to have a co-branded miniHiGS web page for a seamless look. Co-branding demonstrates compatibility.

Licensing of the miniHiGS
  • miniHiGS is a custom piece, since it must match various spelled-out needs of an entity, including software applications while meeting technology and procedures of Inner Reach. 
  • A license agreement will allow a user to logon to the miniHiGS to take a specified HiGS History or Health Risk Assessment or even Body System (signs and symptoms collection) companioned to a procedure or situation spelled out in the license agreement.   
  • Allows a user to interactively take the protocol(s) specified in the license agreement and have a results report - Targeted Health Biography Report generated immediately
  • The THBR can be printed, electronically sent, faxed, retrieved, and stored.
Development of miniHiGS Protocol Bundled with an Entity’s Target Health Area

Goals include:

  • Ensuring diligent development to companion the miniHiGS protocol(s) with the licensing entity’s software technology to obtain the designated results
  • Anticipating and helping to manage the technology transfer
  • Working in an open and collegial manner with those directly responsible
  • Having a designated mutual administrative channel and reporting point
  • Implementing of practices and strategies that will advance the synergistic efforts of both Inner Reach and the entity with the miniHiGS license
  • Striving to stay within a designated schedule
  • Development is contingent upon the software and systems of the licensing entity’s capabilities and requirements
  • Developing a co-branded web site and integration of THBR for the purposes needed
  • Developing a smooth seamless appearing bundling of each component in the agreement
  • Providing a high standard of excellence while keeping development costs within the framework of the agreement
End Product Bundled into Some Program

When facilities have HiGS Preventive Care Technology bundled into some program, they are better prepared to handle a big work load.  Doctors, nurses, radiologists, and technicians are also more apt to benefit from having at-a-glance type of information in a variety of areas, now limiting their time to targeted questions based upon what is already known. HiGS comprehensive histories whether gleaned from the complete HiGS or miniHiGS are the fundamental underpinnings to health and decisive information to detect risk.

Examples of miniHiGS Targeted Health Areas include: Imaging area; Major Health Issues Areas such as Metabolic Syndrome and Type II Diabetes; and Blood Testing areas. miniHiGS is a custom product in that it is developed to be synergist for each entity’s specific needs which work within Inner Reach technology and practices.

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