The HiGS product suite is the first and the only Consumer-Authenticated Information System (CAIS) for Health Biography.HiGS tells the story.

Inner Reach has two types of customers:

  1. Client Entities
  2. Consumers

1. Client Entities are insurers, companies, organizations, research institutions, and government agencies that purchase HiGS licensed usage for their people. Corporate HiGS enables insurers, corporations, organizations, and governments to license HiGS usage for their preventive care programs and for health education. 

2. Consumers are every individual - HiGS subscribers/HiGS users. The HiGS subscriber-focused web site is:  HiGS for consumers is for personal Health Biography collecting for self-care and healthcare and for health education.

The Entire Health Information Gathering System (HiGS) for consumers contains:

  • 60 e-Histories
  • 180+ Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)
  • Signs & Symptoms Tracker with various Body Systems (signs and symptoms collection for every 24 hour period)
  • Monitoring Calendars for keeping track of various health interests and areas of concern such as fitness, health behaviors, smoking cessation, alcohol drinking, menopause, and pain. 
  • Third-Party Integration (i.e., Fitbit™, iHealth®, and Withings) Features which can incorporate a user's authorized device information into their HiGS Health Biography
  • HiGS Health Biography which is a user’s results report that contains a user’s results from all HiGS components.
  • To establish baselines (what is normal), identify risks, preserve health, and delay disease and its progression
  • HiGS Video Library of more than 120 Health Education Videos
  • HiGS Library of clinical articles, 32 Health Education Cards for at-a-glance topics, Chinese Medicine articles, and many companion Health Education Modules

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Client Entities:

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