Individuals – Inner Reach Health Customers - the public: Finding our own health information and symptoms is difficult enough without the added burden of trying to communicate them coherently. HiGS helps individuals both gather their health information and symptoms, but also becomes a vehicle for communicating this information to a trained healthcare professional when needed and desired. The HiGS itself can be found at the Inner Reach health customer web site:

Shifting Control

Incorporated in 1998, Inner Reach Corporation was started to shift control to individuals, enabling people to understand and change their own health and needs for health through personal health history collecting and preventive measures.

HiGS a System for People

HiGS is a revolutionary Health Information Gathering System for people to capture their own histories, symptoms and situations shifting control to the people to increase the likelihood of prevention and early detection in order to empower them with the knowledge to find patterns, change habits, and get healthier.

Today's medical model focuses on disease and the treatment of disease. Physicians are trained to diagnose and treat disease. Health psychology focuses on health and the prevention and early detection of disease and illness. Health psychology considers the total person and is based on a biological-psychological- sociological-medical model.

Getting Educated

The problem people have is they are not trained medical professionals. People do not know what information to collect or what information is important.

When people do think about their symptoms they often associate their symptoms with the 'popular' conditions. People also do not realize that the same symptoms can appear in many conditions. HiGS helps make the process easier and less confusing through self-assessment and introspection.

Inner Reach Corporation is a health psychology-technology company that is web based and designed to compliment health care.

Personalized for the Individual

The Inner Reach system was designed to be used by individuals who wish to obtain a better understanding of their own health and themselves, and through that knowledge and change, prevent illness and disease, preserving health. The Inner reach system is available through a subscription service anywhere in the world there is Internet access, during times of travel, crisis, or need. Individuals can access their personalized information from a web browser on any computer connected to the Internet.

The Inner Reach system does not require that users install special software. All processing and data storage is done within Inner Reach's data centers and not on a user's computer. The Inner Reach System supports all major web browsers including Netscape Navigator 4.0 and above as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above.

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